Al-Katib featured in pulsating picture

A strong Davidson contingent attended the premiere of “Changing the Pulse of the Province” in Saskatoon on Aug. 30. Pictured are (from left) Serra, Murad and Michelle Al-Katib, Vanna Gay Shaw, Angela and Jason Shaw, Monica and Gerrid Gust, Arlene and Jason Low, Corla Rokochy, Betty Crowley and Stephanie Prpick-Boss.

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — Murad Al-Katib was on the edge of his seat as he waited for the movie to start.

And with good reason: the film he was about to watch was telling his own story.

“Changing the Pulse of the Province,” a 27-minute documentary, premiered Aug. 30 at the Persephone Theatre at Saskatoon’s Remai Arts Centre.

The film was the third entry in the Popcorn and Entrepreneurship series, produced by the North Saskatoon Business Association.

The movie tells the story of Al-Katib, who was born and raised in Davidson, and the company he founded, AGT Food and Ingredients.

The company distributes lentils, chickpeas and other crops to more than 120 countries internationally, generating $2 billion a year in revenue.

Though he was interviewed extensively for the movie, Al-Katib said he had no say in the final cut and had to wait for the premiere like everyone else.

In the last year, Al-Katib has received two international awards, beginning with the Business for Peace Award, presented in a gala in Oslo, Norway on May 16.

On June 10, he accepted the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 award at a ceremony in Monaco.

This string of events may have given some the perception that Al-Katib actively seeks the spotlight, but he said the truth is actually the opposite of that.

“I don’t like the accolades and all of that all the time,” he told the Leader, characterizing himself as a humble, hard-working guy who “just did my job.”

He said he hopes the film will serve as an inspiration to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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