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Sept. 18, 2017 edition of The Davidson Leader

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A safe arrival on Highway 11

EMS co-ordinator Adrian Schmiedge poses with Owen Tannahill and his mom Lacey, days after he helped deliver the child in the back of an ambulance.

By Joel van der Veen

BLADWORTH — It was a special delivery Lacey and Chase Tannahill won’t soon forget.

The couple welcomed their newborn son Owen around 5 p.m. on Sept. 5, weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz., measuring 20.5 inches long.

He arrived while his mother was laying on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance, stopped on the side of Highway 11 just north of Bladworth.

The Tannahills were en route from Liberty to Saskatoon to deliver their child, but pulled over once they realized the birth was imminent.

A 9-1-1 call summoned the ambulance from Davidson, and within a minute of climbing aboard, Lacey had given birth.

“It came fast, very, very fast,” said Lacey. “Once the ambulance got there, I settled down quite a bit . . . I was a lot calmer once I got in there.”

“We knew it’d be fairly quick,” said Chase. “We didn’t know it’d be as quick as it was.”

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Win at home over Lanigan opens new football season

The Davidson Raiders’ Trystan Stacowich (55) moves in on the Lanigan Lazers’ Wade Morrow (63) during a Sept. 8 senior football game in Davidson.

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — With just five games in their regular season, each one counts for the Davidson Raiders this year.

The six-man football team started things off right with a 46-36 win over the Lanigan Lazers at home on Sept. 8.

“It was a great morale booster to get the home win,” said coach Jason Low, calling the game a “team victory.”

The Raiders led for most of the game, but Lanigan remained hot on their heels throughout.

“I felt like it was a very balanced game,” Low remarked. “Both teams were pretty evenly matched.”

The Raiders have a roster of 19 players this season, but only six of them are students at Davidson School.

Also playing are two students from Loreburn, five from Craik and six from Kenaston.

Low acknowledged that without the co-op arrangement that allows students from other area schools to play, Davidson wouldn’t have been able to field a senior football team this year.

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Obituary: Bezanson, Jerry

Jerry Bezanson

Regrettably Jerry took his life Sept. 2, 2017, with heavy hearts we announce his passing.

Born Feb. 23, 1959 in Middle Musquodoboit, N.S., at age 15 Jerry moved out west. Jerry and Cyndi settled in Davidson, Sask., and opened “Second Hand Rose Restoration,” rebuilding and restoring antique cars. Many beautiful cars that he restored were sold all over the world from Nova Scotia to New Zealand. He is survived by parents Stanley and Violet (Reid) Bezanson, Aylesford, N.S.; children: daughter Naomi Harraq and family, Quebec; sons Ricky Bezanson and family, New Brunswick, Trevor Cloutier and Ryan Cloutier, Alberta; his wife Cyndi, Alberta; and seven siblings. Predeceased by three brothers.

A Memorial Service will be held for Jerry at 10:30 a.m., Sept. 23rd, 2017, at First Baptist Church, Moose Jaw, Sask. For those so wishing, memorial donations in memory of Jerry may be directed to the Davidson Fire Department (checks payable to the Town of Davidson) or to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Interment will take place back home in Nova Scotia.

Local man believed dead in farm fire

Three buildings were destroyed in a fire that broke out Sept. 1 in a farmyard 7 km south of Davidson.

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — Many questions remain unanswered following a massive Friday night fire that levelled three buildings on a farmyard south of Davidson.

Local firefighters responded to the call at 11:40 p.m. on Sept. 1.

They remained on site for the next 18 hours, fighting to bring the fire under control and preventing its spread to the rest of the yard.

The fire destroyed a house and two barns in the yard, located seven kilometres south of Davidson on the east side of Highway 11.

Jerry Bezanson, who owned the property and lived there, is believed to have died in the fire, though officials would not confirm this last week.

The dramatic blaze caught the attention of highway travellers and local residents, and could reportedly be seen as far away as Aylesbury.

Police were monitoring the yard the following day, maintaining site security while the investigation continued.

The remains of multiple vintage vehicles could be seen underneath the wreckage of the long barn that dominated the yard.

Fire chief Clayton Schilling said he could not provide further details on the incident, as it is subject to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Members of the Craik RCMP detachment also responded to the fire, along with additional investigative units.

Officers confirmed to the Leader that three structures were involved, but would not confirm any further details. No details were provided on the cause or catalyst for the fire.

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Al-Katib featured in pulsating picture

A strong Davidson contingent attended the premiere of “Changing the Pulse of the Province” in Saskatoon on Aug. 30. Pictured are (from left) Serra, Murad and Michelle Al-Katib, Vanna Gay Shaw, Angela and Jason Shaw, Monica and Gerrid Gust, Arlene and Jason Low, Corla Rokochy, Betty Crowley and Stephanie Prpick-Boss.

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — Murad Al-Katib was on the edge of his seat as he waited for the movie to start.

And with good reason: the film he was about to watch was telling his own story.

“Changing the Pulse of the Province,” a 27-minute documentary, premiered Aug. 30 at the Persephone Theatre at Saskatoon’s Remai Arts Centre.

The film was the third entry in the Popcorn and Entrepreneurship series, produced by the North Saskatoon Business Association.

The movie tells the story of Al-Katib, who was born and raised in Davidson, and the company he founded, AGT Food and Ingredients.

The company distributes lentils, chickpeas and other crops to more than 120 countries internationally, generating $2 billion a year in revenue.

Though he was interviewed extensively for the movie, Al-Katib said he had no say in the final cut and had to wait for the premiere like everyone else.

In the last year, Al-Katib has received two international awards, beginning with the Business for Peace Award, presented in a gala in Oslo, Norway on May 16.

On June 10, he accepted the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 award at a ceremony in Monaco.

This string of events may have given some the perception that Al-Katib actively seeks the spotlight, but he said the truth is actually the opposite of that.

“I don’t like the accolades and all of that all the time,” he told the Leader, characterizing himself as a humble, hard-working guy who “just did my job.”

He said he hopes the film will serve as an inspiration to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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