Horsing around at Gallery 148

Checking out the restored rocking horse are Lois Kurp, from Victoria, B.C., and Sarah Hicks from Outlook.

By Joel van der Veen

ELBOW — This summer’s art show at Gallery 148 has drawn more than the usual number of neigh-sayers.

In this case, though, it comes with the territory.

The gallery on Saskatchewan Street is featuring a month-long show under the name “Horse Power,” featuring contributions from 10 artists.

Gallery owner Linda Kennedy said the name was suggested by contributor Dale Hicks from Outlook, following last year’s show on “The Art of Combines.”

“We just liked the name,” she said. “It’s such a catchy (phrase), it conjures up such interesting ideas.”

The show opening was held the evening of July 21, with several artists and many guests in attendance.

Refreshments were served and guests were also treated to a musical performance by “Just for Fun,” a vocal group accompanied by Dawn McTavish on keyboard.

Gallery 148 currently features the contributions of 29 artists. The “Horse Power” show will continue until Aug. 21, while the gallery is open till Thanksgiving.

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