Dundurn to extend town limits

DUNDURN—The Town of Dundurn’s boundaries are about to grow.

A request to add a 47-acre parcel of land on the east side of Highway 11 to the Town of Dundurn and remove it from the R.M. of Dundurn is being sent to Saskatchewan’s Minister of Government Relations.

In December, the Town of Dundurn gave public notice of its intentions to alter the town’s boundaries to allow for future commercial, light industrial and residential growth.

As part of the process, Dundurn needed the RM of Dundurn’s approval, which was granted Dec. 20. Then it had to give opportunity for the public to comment on the proposal.

The developer is DDD+Construction, the real estate development company that has built 10 homes so far in Sunshine Meadows, the first phase of a three-year development plan that’s underway in the town.

The third phase includes adding another 147 acres farther south on the west side of Highway 11.

This is all part of a 50-year growth plan for the town.

People had until Jan. 16 to file a written objection to the proposed boundary changes.

Dundurn administrator Eileen Prosser said none were received. At a Jan. 8 public meeting on the issue Dundurn’s town council heard from one individual concerned about the matter.

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