Davidson Minor Hockey Report

Davidson Red’s Malia Johnson (left) heads up the ice with teammates Blake Manz and Kurstyn Vibert following close behind.


Following their home tournament, the Davidson Novice Red team visited Kenaston on Dec. 12, winning 7-3. Marek McIvor scored four goals for Davidson, while Blake Manz, Kacie Allan and Nevin Diakow also scored. Kenaston’s Jett Prpich scored a pair of goals, while Brady Menzies also scored.


The Atom Huskies visited Outlook on Dec. 9, suffering a 13-2 loss. Seth Johnson scored both goals for Davidson, the first assisted by Mason Berry and the second unassisted.


Davidson visited Raymore/Strasbourg on Dec. 9, narrowly losing 8-7. The host team led 2-0 after the first period. Hayden O’Brien and Morgan Tastad both scored for Davidson in the second, but the team still trailed 5-2. Davidson made a remarkable comeback in the third period, adding five goals to their tally, while the host team scored another three goals.

Parker Ackland and Cameren Rudniski both scored in the first half of the period. Later, Evhan Allan and Hayden O’Brien each scored with roughly six minutes remaining, narrowing their opponents’ lead to 7-6. Connor Flahr scored for the host team with 2:33 remaining, moving the score to 8-6. Kaden Berry scored an unassisted goal for Davidson with 16 seconds left — close, but not enough to take the win.


Davidson visited Humboldt on Dec. 9, where they lost 6-4. Jackson Allan and Kade McConnell scored two goals each, with assists credited to Jaden Wall, Ethan Schilling and Logan Schneider.

The next day, Davidson visited Lanigan, winning 6-3.

Zack Prpick and Hayden O’Brien scored in the first period, taking a 2-0 lead for Davidson, while a goal by Drayson Tichit gave the team a 3-1 lead in the second period. Derek Griffin, Carter Mooney and Zack Prpick scored in the third period to clinch the win for Davidson.

Assists were credited to Donta Desjarlais, Drayson Tichit, Jackson Allan, Zack Prpick, Logan Nelson-Schneider and Hayden O’Brien.


Davidson visited Muenster/Lake Lenore on Dec. 10, where they lost 3-2. Deacon Nolting scored for Davidson in the first period, assisted by his brother Kane. Kane Nolting scored Davidson’s second goal with 10 seconds left in the game, assisted by Riley Berry and Hunter Herback.

On Dec. 13 the Huskies hosted Lanigan, winning 3-1. Deacon Nolting scored in the first period, assisted by Trystan Stacowich and Riley Berry. Riley Berry scored two goals in the third period, the first unassisted and the second assisted by Connor Watt and Trystan Stacowich.

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