Town wants input on coffee pot restoration

The giant coffee pot at Davidson is shown during the painting of the murals in July of 1996.

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — Got some thoughts to share on the future of Davidson’s giant coffee pot?

Then town council wants to hear from you.

For 21 years, the 24-foot steel sculpture has greeted visitors at the north end of town and drivers along Highway 11.

The coffee pot has been featured in books, a stamp issued by Canada Post in 2010, and more recently, in an adult colouring book, Colour Saskatchewan by Jason Sylvestre.

But weather and age have taken their toll on the venerated vessel.

The once-vibrant murals have faded, and rust is now visible in multiple places, particularly on the handle.

Davidson’s town council has discussed the coffee pot’s future multiple times in recent years, and the topic returned to the table at their regular meeting on Tuesday.

Coun. Jessica Foster reported from a Communities in Bloom (CIB) meeting the previous day, where members had discussed a new proposal.

As Foster explained, the idea is to have a local artist or artists guide a team of volunteers to repaint the mural.

“It’s almost gone the way it is,” she told her colleagues, expressing her support for the proposal. “I think we have enough local talent.”

Council gave its approval to begin soliciting volunteers for a committee to lead the project, with two additional councillors, Arlene Low and Jared Shaw, agreeing to take part.

Foster told the Leader that she’s interested in public input, with plans to issue an official call for committee members.

“It really depends on what the community wants,” she said. “At this point I’m just looking for a committee to guide the process.”

The town would cover the cost for materials for a restoration project. There is roughly $8,800 sitting in a fund established for that purpose several years ago.

Foster said they have sought professional advice on how to treat the rust, as well as what paint to use.

“If we don’t do anything it’s just going to rust,” she said.

Lorraine Gust, who also serves on the Davidson CIB committee, said they have discussed a couple of options for resurfacing the coffee pot.

Some are strongly in favour of recreating the mural, but if it is to last, it will need to be continually and carefully maintained.

“It is going to be an ongoing issue to get it repainted,” said Gust. “People have been mulling over this forever.”

Another popular suggestion was to repair and then repaint the structure using a speckled paint finish, giving it the look of an antique enamelware coffee pot.

The murals would disappear, though the original paintings, from which the artwork was created, are still held.

Gust said a public meeting might be ideal, adding, “It would be nice to hear different opinions from lots of people.”

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