Town to consider business licenses

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — A new bylaw to license businesses in town will be on the table at Davidson’s next council meeting.

The bylaw would target businesses that aren’t currently paying commercial property tax in town, such as home-based and online operations.

During their regular meeting on Tuesday, councillors discussed some of the bylaws in use in other towns.

Mayor Tyler Alexander said a bylaw would bring in revenue while also enabling the town to track such businesses for promotional purposes.

“I agree personally that we should do something,” said the mayor, suggesting that a bylaw could be enacted by council soon to take effect at the start of next year.

Alexander expressed approval for the bylaw currently in effect in Outlook, where fees for business licenses generally range between $50 and $150 per year.

Administrator Gary Edom agreed to prepare a draft of a bylaw for council’s approval at the June meeting.

The subject of an updated business license bylaw has been discussed by council on and off over the past couple of years.

Bylaw 352, “The Licensing Bylaw,” was passed by council in April 1981, under Mayor Milan Puckett and administrator Bud Larson.

The bylaw officially remains on the books, although it has not been enforced in decades and is now outdated. Edom said it is due to be repealed.

The licensing bylaw required tradespeople, businessmen and operators to register and pay a license fee in order to carry on business within the town.

It makes provision for a license inspector to carry out enforcement, and sets out fees for everything from ambulances ($1 per year) to piano tuners ($10).

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