Team to recreate murals on coffee pot

The giant coffee pot at Davidson is shown during the painting of the murals in July of 1996.

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — The familiar murals on Davidson’s Giant Coffee Pot will live on.

Members of a new coffee pot restoration committee met for the first time recently, discussing plans to revitalize the 24-foot-high monument and protect it from further deterioration.

Coun. Arlene Low reported on their progress to her fellow town councillors during their regular meeting on Tuesday.

The group has decided to go ahead with repainting the murals, which have faded after decades of year-round exposure.

The fate of the murals had previously been in question, as other options had been proposed for the outside of the coffee pot.

For instance, a proposal to repaint the structure with a speckled paint finish — giving it the look of an antique enamelware coffee pot — had attracted some support.

However, Low said, residents ultimately seemed to prefer the idea of trying to maintain the murals.

“So far it seems to have a very positive momentum,” said Low.

Gail Prpick, Karen Reich and Dee Ulmer have agreed to lead a team of community volunteers in repainting the mural, which they hope to do in June of next year.

Before that happens, the coffee pot will be sandblasted to combat the rust that has appeared in several places.

The finished paint job will be followed by the professional application of a clear coating, to extend the paint’s lifespan and protect the artwork.

Coun. Jessica Foster, who also serves on the committee, said they are researching what materials and approaches will work best for the project. The committee is planning a follow-up meeting this week.

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