MLA: Gov’t will stay the course as Wall retires

MLA Greg Brkich and Premier Brad Wall walk down Washington Avenue during a campaign stop in Davidson on October 2011. Also pictured is Cole Murfitt.

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — Premier Brad Wall’s retirement likely won’t mean a major change in vision or direction for Saskatchewan’s government, according to MLA Greg Brkich.

Brkich, the MLA for Arm River, shared his reaction to the premier’s announcement in an interview with the Leader on Thursday.

He said he was disappointed by the news, as he has had a good relationship with the premier and appreciated Wall’s leadership and advice.

“You always hope he’s gonna stay on forever, because he’s a great leader,” said Brkich, expressing his appreciation for Wall’s work ethic. “It’s a lot harder being the premier than it is just as a standard MLA.”

“I believe our vision isn’t going to change much,” he continued. “Saskatchewan First, keep growing the province and keep making it a better place to live and raise a family . . . Them goals aren’t going to change much with him leaving.”

Last week, Wall, who is partway into his third term as Premier of Saskatchewan, announced his plan to retire from politics.

In a video released on Facebook on Thursday morning, Wall said he has asked the Saskatchewan Party to begin the process of selecting a new leader, adding that he plans to remain in office until the leader is chosen.

Noting that he’d long considered the 10-year mark a good time for re-evaluation, Wall said he and his wife had reached a consensus.

“Together with Tami, I have decided that now is the time for renewal — for my party, for the government, for the province,” he said.

Brkich said the caucus had been informed of Wall’s plans roughly a day in advance of the announcement.

The MLA said he was in Saskatoon early on Thursday and had stopped in a few towns on his way down to Davidson.

During his travels, he said he was approached by multiple people, some of whom said Wall was the best premier the province has had.

Some expressed sadness, and most asked him to convey their warm wishes and thanks to the premier for his service.

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