Kinsmen donation bolsters Bladworth Hall repairs

Wayne Hodgins (far right), on behalf of Davidson Kinsmen Club, presents a $10,000 cheque to Bladworth Hall Committee members Barb Cerniuk and Paul Chomyshen of the Bladworth Elks.
(Contributed photo)

BLADWORTH—Efforts to repair and renovate the Bladworth Hall were bolstered last week thanks to a $10,000 donation from the Davidson Kinsmen Club.

Wayne Hodgins, on behalf of the local Kinsmen, presented a $10,000 cheque to Hall committee members Barb Cerniuk and Paul Chomyshen in support of the project. Hodgins said it’s the Kinsmen’s mandate to help out in the community as need arises.

Providing monetary assistance for repairs to the Bladworth community hall is such a need.

Last Wednesday workers continued repairs to the hall that were kicked off with a work bee on Jan. 6. The most recent work included structural repairs to a broken beam that supports the floor as well as replacing floor joists where needed.

Also last week, Roughcut Enterprises started working on drywall repairs.

This work will not interfere with the Kinsmen Club’s Goldfish Races, a fun fundraiser that’s become an annual tradition at the Bladworth Hall. The event is scheduled for Feb. 24.

Repairs to the hall were necessary so the building can continue to serve as a gathering place for community events put on by the Bladworth Elks and service clubs such as the Kinsmen. As well, the building is used for family reunions, funerals and even serves as a polling station.

After the Goldfish Races, the next big event is the Elks’ annual steak fry in April.

Lyle Kowalski, a member of the Bladworth Elks and of the hall committee, says the Elks and Kinsmen have worked on projects together in the past and hope to do more in the future. The community appreciates the Kinsmen’s generosity.

The Bladworth Hall Committee has awarded a contract to Grout Construction to fix the building’s soffit and fascia to improve the building’s ventilation. This work will begin once weather improves.

The committee welcomes more donations as they plan to upgrade doors, windows and the exterior cladding.

Kowalski said they will also apply a fresh coat of paint to the interior, making it a desirable place to hold family functions.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation may contact Kowalski at 306-567-7605.