Forget-me-nots plant memorial for Marjory Crabbe

The memory of Marjory Crabbe will live on thanks to a heartfelt ceremony and dedication at the Coffee Pot planned by the Davidson Forget-me-nots for this September.

“We just wanted to do something, dedicate something, in appreciation for all the work she did,” said Mary Ann Chomyshen, a member of the Forget-me-nots. “We chose the Coffee Pot because it was on the walking trail and she did a lot of walking, Marj, but there was no specific reason. It was just someplace for her.”

The Forget-me-nots, a local group of volunteers dedicated to helping families affected by Alzheimer Disease, have planted a willow tree near the bridge on the walking trail and will unveil a plaque dedicated to the memory of the recently deceased long-time Bladworth resident and Alzheimer help awareness crusader Marj Crabbe at a 1 p.m. ceremony on Sept. 17 before their annual Coffee Break fund-raiser. Crabbe passed away this spring shortly after the sudden death of her beloved husband Jim.

Sandra Zoerb, a fellow member of the Forget-me-nots, said Crabbe was passionate about raising funds for research into helping Alzheimer sufferers due to her own mother’s fight with the disease. She said Crabbe was there at the beginning of the Forget-me-nots, which is an evolution of an earlier Alzheimer counselling group run by Helen Johnson and Phyllis Mason, and her involvement centered mainly on raising money for research into a cure and communicating with affected families about help programs that are in existence.

“She ran with this fund-raiser for the Alzheimer Society through the annual Coffee Break and just made it her own,” said Zoerb. “She took every skill that she had and it just blossomed.”

Zoerb said Crabbe used her computer savvy and friendships to encourage people to support the cause and served as the main contact for business support of the Coffee Break. She was also the one who made sure business staff knew the Forget-me-nots would be at their door on the Coffee Break day with a tray of cookies and a donation container for contributions.

“We tried to make them really good looking trays of cookies and she was a huge part of that,” said Zoerb. “She knew that a good looking tray was important and I don’t know how many dozen sugar cookies with blue icing, that’s the colour for Forget-me-nots, she personally made just so we had a colour splash on each tray that went out to the businesses.”

To read more please see the August 25 print edition of The Davidson Leader.