Bikers ride for child abuse awareness

A great number of Davidson’s children lined its streets earlier this month to demand a safe environment for abused kids and applaud the work of a prospective motorcycle organization with a goal of ensuring this right as they paraded by.

The kids were cheering on the Child Abuse Motorcycle Awareness Ride that made a stop in Davidson Aug. 16 to travel up and down its roads in a parade led by Mayor Clayton Schneider. The 19 Regina-based bikers who took part in the ride from the Queen City to Saskatoon are striving to become the second Canadian chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) to go along with BACA Saskatoon.

“This is outstanding,” said Ron “Trouble” Frigon, as he surveyed the many children who played together in Arnold Park after the motorcycle parade had ended moments earlier. “This is more than we imagined.”

BACA is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1995 in Utah to rally a community there to support a wounded child. The body of bikers who work in conjunction with authorities to protect children has expanded from this first group to include chapters across the United States as well as in Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands and Canada.

The sight of a strong group of burly leather-clad bikers riding in formation though a small town evokes images of the outlaw bike gangs found in “The Wild One” or “Sons of Anarchy” and the parade down Main Street in Davidson under an overcast sky was no different. The light that dispelled this notion was the young kids lining Washington Avenue waving their arms in support as the throng of bikers roared past.

“This all is just people that are for the cause of child abuse awareness,” said Frigon. “It’s a worthy ride. It’s a worthy cause and you know the ride makes people aware.”

Schneider said the BACA cause of empowering children to not be afraid of the world they live in is one that is very dear to his heart. He said it was thus “an honour” to be able to lead the parade through Davidson.

To read more please see the August 25 print edition of The Davidson Leader.