Davidson bans recyclables from landfill

DAVIDSON—Curbside recycling has arrived in Davidson.

The green recycling bins on Railway Ave. in Davidson will soon be removed.

Effective April 1, the Town of Davidson is implementing a curbside recycling program for residents, which means the green recycling bins on Railway Avenue will be removed.

As a result, town council, at its meeting last Tuesday, decided to stop accepting recyclable materials, including cardboard, paper, newsprint, catalogues/magazines, tin cans and plastic at its landfill, effective April 1.

“Since we made all Davidson residents go to recycling for cardboard, we should ban cardboard from the dump,” Coun. Cliff Cross said. “I don’t know how the residents of Davidson can be expected to keep building pits.”

The town has sent a letter to the rural municipalities that use the landfill, notifying them of this change. In the letter, the town states: “We further advise them to notify their ratepayers of this change, as any form of verbal abuse towards the waste disposal site custodian or any town employee(s)

will not be tolerated.”

In the letter, town council invites members of R.M. councils to an April 2 meeting to discuss the waste disposal site.

Lorne Willner, Reeve of the R.M. of Arm River, said Thursday he hadn’t yet seen the letter.

“This is the first I’ve heard of it,” Willner said.

He said the R.M. will have to look at the options and see what comes from the April 2 meeting.

“We’ll see what Davidson’s proposal is and react to what they are telling us to do,” Willner said.

Digging their own garbage pit or looking at a bulk bin program could be possibilities the R.M. will have to look at.

He said what he doesn’t want to happen is people in the R.M. throwing garbage on their and or in ditches, which is why the R.M. contributed to the costs of operating Davidson’s landfill so that ratepayers would have a place to dispose of their garbage.