Co-op to build new Cardlock system on Hwy. 11

One Stop
One Stop

Riverbend Co-op intends to construct a new cardlock system on Highway 11.

The Co-op has purchased the former One-Stop restaurant and gas station on the east side of Highway 11.

One-Stop Restaurant closed last fall. The gas station, operating under the FasGas banner, closed for business at the end of January.
The buildings and their contents will be sold at an auction April 14, Dale Firby, Riverbend Co-op’s general manager, said.

“We’ve already started the planning process to construct a new cardlock system on the highway,” Firby said. “It will take some time.”
The project will undergo a feasibility study to determine the size of the facility.

“What we want to see is a cardlock system that will be able to handle a great volume of traffic. We want to develop a good service for the community that will bring people to a stop on that highway,” Firby said, and added, “Construction is going to be a ways away.”

Size of the facility has yet to be determined.

The 100-seat restaurant and service station, known for many years as the Halfway Husky, was built in 1981 by Steve and Lorraine Gust. They sold the business in 1987.