Wilkins donates latest piece to town

Farmer and sculptor Don Wilkins has donated his latest creation, a metal sculpture depicting two ravens poking at a nest, to the Town of Davidson.

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — Not everyone may like Don Wilkins’s latest creation.

The Girvin-area farmer and sculptor told Davidson town council, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that his new metal sculpture, depicting two ravens poking at a nest, may not sit well with those who regard the birds as pests.

“I know the subject matter is a bit controversial,” he said, adding later, “I think everybody respects a raven.”

Wilkins visited as a delegate during town council’s regular meeting on Tuesday to discuss the raven sculpture, which he offered as a gift to the town.

Gratitude was evident on the faces of the mayor and councillors as they accepted the gift.

“We appreciate what you’ve done for us, it’s just fantastic,” said Mayor Tyler Alexander.

Wilkins’s metal sculptures, depicting scenes from the region’s history, are a fixture along Highway 11.

Among his works are a total of 16 reproductions of Red River carts, designed after the two-wheeled carts used by 19th-century Métis settlers.

Wilkins said he envisions the raven sculpture being placed on a pole between 15 and 18 feet high, along with an interpretive plaque.

“I need a substantial pole underneath it,” he said, adding that suspending the sculpture would protect it from vandalism or theft.

Wilkins said he sought input from the council as to where the sculpture should be placed, in hopes that it could be installed by this fall.

He and the councillors discussed some potential locations, including the business district, the rest stop and the walking trail, with a decision to be made in the near future.

Council also agreed that Communities in Bloom should be consulted if the sculpture is to be located on property maintained by that committee.

Alexander offered the use of town equipment to aid in the sculpture’s installation.

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