Plans for pool take shape

DAVIDSON—Davidson’s new swimming pool committee expects to meet this Thursday to review options and costs of building a new swimming pool.

They will also look at the pros and cons of possible locations including the current spot, the Communiplex and a third site that’s being considered.

Trevor Ouelette, Davidson’s rec. director, said he will present this third location at Thursday’s meeting.

This mysterious site has possibilities to enhance the pool’s visibility and increase traffic, Ouelette said as a teaser.

A pool is an investment in the community. Ouelette said a new pool may not be vital to the community, “but it makes it more inviting.”

He said amenities such as a nice rink, golf course and playgrounds help persuade people to move to a community, particularly people with young families who want places for their kids to play.

Last Wednesday Ouelette was working on his presentation for this week’s meeting where he will present the committee with some options.

He said there are three main types of pools they may consider. The first is a steel-framed pool with a vinyl liner, the style used for residential pools. This pool is economical to build, Ouelette said, but it cannot have a beach entry.

The second type is a zero-entry membrane liner. Ouelette said these pools are constructed using a very thick membrane with concrete flooring and steel-framed walls. These have many design possibilities and permit a beach entry.

The third, and most expensive option, is a zero-entry, spider tie concrete pool. This is the typical concrete outdoor pool. Because it is all concrete construction, it allows for full design possibilities.

With these options in mind, Ouelette said, “The next step is for the community to decide how much money do you want to raise or how much money do you want to spend? Do we try to fill our wish list or do we tailor our wish list to what we can afford.”

He said a pool with “beach entry into a paddling pool which leads into the main pool would be a dream.”

Ouelette recently met with a contractor from Pleasureway Sales in Saskatoon to go over various options.

He said they talked about a pool that is junior Olympic size with two diving boards.

In the meantime, Ouelette said he’s been researching current and prospective provincial and federal government grants.

He said there are many little grants that they can apply for and he has all those contacts.

“If there are any big $100,000 grants out there, they are hiding because I can’t find them,” he said.

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