Pedro the pigeon a summer guest for Craik couple

Tim and Pearl Unger of Craik took in a sickly pigeon over the summer months, nursing the bird back to health.

By Joel van der Veen

CRAIK — For Tim and Pearl Unger, a rescue mission turned into an extended visit with a new feathered friend.

The Ungers, who live in the Eco-Village east of Craik, took on the role of pigeon protectors over the summer, welcoming “Pedro” into their home.

Late this past spring, two sickly, orphaned pigeons were discovered in an old semi trailer at the north yard of Titan Clean Energy Projects, where Tim works.

One of the birds quickly died, but Tim decided to bring the second one home and attempt to nurse him back to health.

“For Tim there was no real hesitation,” said Pearl, who herself was a little more reluctant. “This bird needed our help to survive and so we needed to do what we could.”

The Ungers began feeding the pigeon JuicePlus Complete shakes mixed with water, using a syringe. He responded well to this and before long, he was beginning to thrive.

Pearl said they named him Pedro, as his plumage seemed to indicate a male bird. (Others, convinced this was a female bird, chose to call her Lola.)

Next, they set up a food and water station in the wagon in their yard.

Once he was well enough, Pedro spent the nights outside, but was welcome inside the house during the day.

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