Moms, tots gathering for Tuesday morning program

DAVIDSON—A growing number of mothers and their young children are gathering at a local church each week for coffee, conversation and playtime.

Chantelle Taylor, organizer of the Optimist Moms and Tots and More Group, said an average of six to 12 moms are meeting on Tuesday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon at New Life Pentecostal Church.

“We’ve grown quite a bit,” she said, adding that fathers, expec

tant mothers, those whose kids have started school already, and those without children are also invited to come.

“The group’s open to anybody who wants to come,” said Taylor.

Each gathering usually starts with chatting and coffee. The mothers are encouraged to share about their week so far and about parenting issues and concerns.

The kids are supplied with toys and games. Since last January, Taylor has also organized a craft for the children on a monthly basis, as some of the tots attending the group have grown older and are now able to work on special projects like these.On the second Tuesday of each month, the moms organize a special meal. In February they were treated to pizza; this month they are holding a potluck.

Taylor said the idea of serving food has been well received.”I’d like to see it happen every time, but we’ll see what happens,” she said.Another recent introduction is a gourmet coffee maker, capable of brewing single servings of a variety of different blends of coffee. Taylor said the addition was “a big hit.”

“Everybody’s all ecstatic over that right now,” she said.

A moms and tots group has run in Davidson for several years. This group has been meeting at New Life for close to a year.Previously the group met at the Lutheran church, but found it difficult as there was limited space and the children were constantly underf
Taylor said she has a list of about 20 members who receive updates on the group each week through text messages or phone calls. Ladies interested in taking part can contact her at 567-8203.oot.
The group has grown since moving to the Pentecostal church. In addition to the mothers attending, an average of 15 to 20 children also come along each week.