Jackpot event draws rodeo riders, fans to Elbow

Beth Manz is seen riding "Jet" in the barrel racing jackpot competition at Elbow on Oct. 1.

Beth Manz is seen riding “Jet” in the barrel racing jackpot competition at Elbow on Oct. 1.

By Joel van der Veen

ELBOW — With short notice and a late date, organizers of last weekend’s jackpot event in Elbow weren’t sure what to expect.

As it turned out, they had so many entries they had to move the start time back, plus a large crowd of spectators and a sunny day to boot (eventually).

“I was overwhelmed,” said Kelly Holbrook last week. “It was just fantastic.”

More than 100 contestants came to Elbow for the barrel racing and team roping jackpot event on Oct. 1, organized by the Lakeshore Stampede Rodeo Committee.

In addition to the rodeo events, a beer gardens and concession stand were operated at the site.

Organizers said they expected to clear roughly $4,000 from the event, with proceeds being used to organize a KCRA rodeo in Elbow in July 2017.

For the first time in more than 20 years, the village did not host a full-fledged rodeo this year, due largely to a lack of volunteers.

Holbrook said the turnout proved that the rodeo was missed. Plans are already moving ahead for next year’s event, which will be affiliated with the Kakeyow Cowboys Rodeo Association (KCRA).

In doing so, Holbrook said, they hope to have a more “family-focused” event that can include competitors at all ages and skill levels.

The KCRA schedule is organized so each local rodeo takes place over two days without overlapping, thereby allowing a high level of participation in each one.

“It’s a way different environment,” she said, adding that the KCRA has been steadily growing in recent years. “We cover the whole province for membership now.”

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