Council keen on Loraas compost proposal

By Joel van der Veen

DAVIDSON — An organic waste pickup program for Davidson could be up and running as early as this fall.

During their regular meeting on Tuesday, town councillors welcomed a representative from Loraas Disposal Services to talk about his company’s offerings.

The company has recently begun offering an organics collection program, with several municipalities, including Warman and Rosetown, already on board.

If approved by Davidson’s council, the program would operate similarly to the curbside recycling program that the town has offered, through Loraas, for the last five years.

Green bins would be distributed to all households for the collection of organic waste — including plant and yard waste, fruits, vegetables, eggshells, coffee or tea grounds and related material.

Organic waste would be collected from households every two weeks, with the program going on hiatus in the fall and winter.

The proposal met with a warm response from the mayor and councillors, who voiced their approval in pursuing an arrangement with Loraas.

Mayor Tyler Alexander has stated at past meetings that the town must consider its options for composting, both to reduce its environmental impact and to extend the life of the muncipal landfill.

He said Tuesday that Loraas’s proposal made sense, as it would allow the town to provide the service at a low cost without having to directly operate it themselves.

“Personally, I’m all for it,” said the mayor. “I think we should hit the ground running.”

Alexander proposed that the town could introduce the service this fall, along with a public seminar to inform and educate residents.

Council will wait till the August meeting before passing a formal motion on the matter.

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