Water task force gets OK to spend up to $10K


By Joel van der Veen

CRAIK — Town councillors affirmed their support of the Water Task Force last week, giving the group approval to spend up to $10,000 in its efforts to address Craik’s water infrastructure issues.

Coun. Charla Edwards, a member of the task force, brought the request to council at its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday.

As parts and equipment are purchased and work is completed, the costs are adding up, and Edwards said that having to seek individual approval for every purchase was hampering the group’s efforts.

“All these purchases are ‘have to have’,” she told council. “I know that we have to have accountability . . . We’re asking for your trust.”

Councillors approved a motion allowing the Water Task Force to spend up to $10,000 on water maintenance and infrastructure, with the stipulation that council would be continuously updated on how the funds were being spent.

The task force will need to submit another request to council once it has spent that initial sum, while an overall spending limit of $60,000 has been set for the remainder of 2015.

Edwards provided council with a detailed update on the group’s efforts, which are ultimately aimed at bringing the town’s water treatment equipment into proper operation and thus providing Craik residents with potable water.

The Town of Craik has been under a continuous boil water advisory since Aug. 17, 2010. The task force was formed by a group of local citizens following a mechanical failure that forced the town’s water system offline for several days last July.

Edwards discussed some of the work being done to the water treatment equipment and to the plant building itself.

Having successfully started the natural gas pump at the old plant, she said she was completing an illustrated manual that details its proper use, along with an accountability chart to ensure maintenance is being carried out.

The gas pump must be ready for use in case of an emergency or power failure, said Edwards.

The task force had also asked town staff to prepare a tender for the repair of the plant roof, but a simpler solution was devised by members of the local fire department.

Edwards said she had obtained a quote from Aaron Obrigewitsch to install an energy-efficient furnace at the plant for around $4,200.

Several other items of equipment are slated for repair or replacement, while the task force is also making efforts to clean up and improve the old plant, constructed in 1965.

For the full story, please see the Sept. 14 edition of The Davidson Leader.

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