Hanley takes in motion challenge

HANLEY— Hanley is on the move with hopes of earning $10,000 towards fixing up the track at Hanley Composite School
The Town of Hanley has accepted the Saskatchewan Blue Cross and Saskatchewan in motion Community Moving Challenge. Over the next 15 days, Hanley’s residents, friends, neighbours and family members will record their physical activity with hopes of winning the prize.
From March 2 to 16, 20 communities throughout Saskatchewan are participating in the Get Our Community Moving Challenge.
The $10,000 prize will help the community fix up the walking/running track at Hanley’s school. Plans for the $20,000 project include refurbishing the track by levelling it, putting in new edging and adding shale.
The project has received $10,000 in funding and if Hanley wins the Get Our Community Moving challenge, it will receive another $10,000 to complete the project this year.
Last year, Dalmeny won the challenge by logging over 385,000 minutes of physical activity.
To take part, people record and register minutes of physical activity online every day by logging on to the Saskatchewan in motion challenge website. The individual minutes are added to the community’s total.
The Get Our Community Moving Challenge is designed to get communities working together to make a positive difference and to get more kids, more active, more often.

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