Conference helps students lead the way

Nine kids from Davidson School recently spread out across the country to try and become better leaders for their school and community.

Matthias McCreary and Sarah Nykiforuk headed to Montague, Prince Edward Island, Sept. 15 to 23 as part of a Sun West School Division team for the annual Canadian Student Leadership Conference. The objective of the conference is to help young people develop leadership skills, build confidence and discover new ideas to make a difference in their school and community.

Davidson SCC (School Community Council) representatives Liana Farrell, Bradley Brazeau, Kim Baldwin and Paige Hodgins joined Matthias and Sarah later on at the conference.

“It was to promote leadership,” said Matthias. “All the people that were there were either leaders or striving to be leaders. While there you attend different workshops and some of them would be about leadership or some of them would be promoting different things you could lead kids to do (like) causes, charities and that kind of thing. It’s just a way of promoting leadership.”

Liana said there were around 800 students from across Canada gathered in PEI to learn leadership skills. She said the students also got to participate in fun activities such as a laser tag and working through a corn maze during the week along with listening to keynote speakers and participating in the leadership workshops.

“This was a way to get ideas from all across Canada to see how different provinces and different schools try and get people involved,” she said.

At the Saskatchewan Student Leadership Conference held Sept. 18 to 20 in Lloydminster, Davidson School students Quin Johnson, Elise McJannet and Kaitlyn Baldwin led the charge for a more inclusive school community.

Elise said the provincial leadership conference had the same agenda as the national, but with 800 kids just from Saskatchewan. She said listening to the keynote speakers was one of the best moments at the conference for her.

“It was really cool,” said Elise. “An Olympian spoke and really funny people spoke. It was all how they showed leadership and how they overcame adversity to get where they are.”

To read more please see the October 7 print edition of The Davidson Leader.