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Kenaston co-ops paint the town white

The Affinity Credit Union and Riverbend Co-operative teamed up recently to help out the community of Kenaston by stripping, pressure washing and painting the curling rink.

“We wanted to do something that would benefit the community and Affinity is all about supporting communities,” said Toni Tweet, financial service supervisor at Affinity Credit Union. “We did it on a week day and we sent staff to the curling rink to paint, of course the staff were paid their normal wage. For Affinity, it was donating the staff hours to go and paint the rink.”

The refurbishing took place July 27 when members of the co-operatives went down to the rink to scrape off the old paint and pressure wash the building. A week later the rink was painted white.

“There were probably 10 to 15 people who were painting the curling rink,” said Tweet. “There were two sprayers and lots of people painting with rollers and brushes. It’s a building that is owned by the town, so we wanted to do something to benefit the town.”

This act of goodwill was performed as a way to celebrate the International Year of the Cooperative that brings together co-ops from across Saskatchewan to help out their community who support them by buying memberships.

Tweet said the rink needs a second coat and the front of the building still needs to be done, but that will have to wait a little bit until they can get their hands on some more paint.  She said around 40 gallons of paint were used on the building to apply the first coat.

“Co-op is all about membership,” she said. “It is about community ownership, so this is some way that we could give back to the community.”

Federal funds to flow west

Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, came home last Thursday to announce new funding for upgrades to existing infrastructure in Western Canada.

The announcement held at the Kenaston Swimming Pool saw the Kenaston resident and Conservative Party MP for Blackstrap announce $46.2 million in funding allocated towards community facilities including local arenas, community centre’s and sports fields over the next two years.

“This money is targetting community points of interest,” said Yelich. “It is not very easy to get money. Swimming pools are very expensive to run, so when they need an upgrade any money they can access for the upgrade is significant. (By holding the press conference at the pool) we’re trying to demonstrate the idea of what kind of community infrastructure would be able to apply for this funding.”

The money will be paid out to a community by regional agencies after a project has been completed and is in line with their proposal to Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD), an agency run by Yelich’s department. Only existing infrastructure that is in need of upgrades need apply.

Dan O’Handley, Mayor of the Village of Kenaston, said applications would be going out to WD towards getting a new filtration system for the pool as well as gaining a grant for upgrades to their hockey rink. He said that he wasn’t aware that money would be flowing west this quick, but was happy to have Minister Yelich back to announce the new spending.

“In rural Saskatchewan, money is hard to come by,” said O’Handley. “We’re not like the big places where they get a lot more grants. When we do get one, we’re always appreciative.”

Yelich said the money is only going towards existing infrastructure upgrades because funding new projects is just too expensive in a time when the government is trying to get out of deficit and into a balanced budget.

“In the meantime, all these communities may need is maybe a pump or a roof or an upgrade of some sort that will make a significant difference to that community,” she said. “Whether it’s seniors, the Legion, or the library, if there is something that needs an improvement then that’s what we will do.”

New intersection proposed for Highway 11 and 15

KENASTON—Residents of Kenaston and area had a chance to view proposed changes to the community’s main intersection.

Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure put on an open house June 6 seeking people’s reactions to four options dealing with the intersection of highways 11 and 15.

As part of planned upgrades to Highway 15, the provincial government is studying options to improve the intersection of highways 11 and 15.

The current intersection is skewed, meaning the highways intersect on angles, so as part of the upgrade, the government is proposing to move the intersection to make it safer.

“It’s not very safe at all,” said Tracy Danielson, director of regional design and construction for Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure.

They had four options for people to look at. Most suggested moving Highway 15 either north or south of town.

Option 1 proposed no change and would leave it as is.

Option 2 proposed moving the intersection south of Kenaston that would require 4.73 km of upgraded Hwy. 15 and 2.46 km of service road. A new bridge/culvert and rail crossing would be required. As well, this route would require the highway to be constructed on environmentally sensitive grasslands south of Kenaston.

Option 3 offered moving the Highway 15/11 intersection north of town requiring 2.90 km of Highway 15 to be built and a service road of 1.83 km in length.

Option 4 also proposed moving the intersection north of the village, but giving the village even wider berth so that 4.84 km of highway 15 and 2.76 km of service road would be built. As well, this option needs either a new bridge or culvert and a railway crossing.

“They missed the most important option: an overpass,” Kenaston resident Allan Krpan said. He said that with 12,000 vehicles going by each day, the intersection is one of the busiest in Saskatchewan.

Kenaston’s Mayor Dan O’Handley said he liked Option 4 the best.

“The noise level would be cut way down and by looping way north, we have room for northern expansion,” he said.

Increasingly, Highway 15 is experiencing more heavy truck traffic. It has been designated as a high clearance corridor through Saskatchewan.

Transport trucks hauling very tall loads must travel Highway 15 so they can use the bridge in Outlook to get their cargo across the South Saskatchewan River.

“For us tonight, the most important part is finding out what people who live in the area think about it,” Danielson said.

She said the community should hear back within 12 months on the plans for the intersection.

“We don’t have a specific timeline, nor is there a design or budget in place,” she said.

Gasper & Klenk receive Queen’s Jubilee medals

Some local people will receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Krystal Klenk, commanding officer of #553 Sherlock Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets received her medal Saturday at a special presentation by Senator Pamela Wallin.

The Diamond Jubilee Medal is a special honour to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. During the year of 2012, 60,000 Canadians will receive the medal that honours their significant contributions and achievements.

Klenk is being recognized for her service to Sherlock Squadron.

Kenaston School principal Darren Gasper will also receive the Diamond Jubilee Medal in the near future.

He is one of three teachers in Saskatchewan, and one of 29 across Canada, to receive the honour and was nominated by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation on recommendation of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

Gasper has been at Kenaston School for 13 years, the last five as its principal. In that time, much has changed at the school as it grew into a leader in the field of distance learning using technology-driven courses.

Staff at Kenaston School nominated Gasper for a STF award for his guidance and vision in moving the school forward with the creation of the Kenaston Distance Education Centre and for all his contributions to the field of education.

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Redwings win Sask Valley League title

KENASTON—The Kenaston Blizzards failed to cage the Rosetown Redwings in the fifth and final game of the Sask. Valley Hockey League championships March 31.

The Blizzards travelled to Rosetown where they were beaten by their hosts 7-1.

Lyndon Leard scored the Blizzards’ only goal of the contest with Scott McQueen and Aaron Phillips earning the assists.

The Redwings controlled the offence as evidenced by the fact that Blizzards goalie Kevin Hassett faced 51 shots. On the other side of the ice, Kenaston managed 31 shots on Redwings’ netminder Jeff Harvey.

This marks the end of an exceptional season for the Blizzards, who may take some solace in winning the Senior D Provincial championship.

Little, Edgar

Edgar Little

April 17, 1943 – April 3, 2012

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten, Endlessly Loved, Forever Cherished.

Edgar passed away suddenly but peacefully at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta at the age of 68 years. He will be lovingly remembered by his wife, Lorraine, of 47 years; his children Joanne and Peter, Steven and Melinda, Jay and Cindy, and Charles and Stacey; and his 22 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, and extended family and friends.

A memorial service will be held at 10:00 a.m., Friday, April 13, 2012 at the Bardo Lutheran Church in Tofield, Alberta.  Inurnment will be held at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, April 14, 2012 at the Kenaston Cemetery, Kenaston, Sask.  In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to the charity of ones choice. Condolences may be made at  Weber Funeral Home 780-662-3959